Saturday, 8 May 2010

Gordon Brown: Go Now

Gordon Brown has just led his party to a crushing General Election defeat. For Labour the result was so bad that it approached the collapse experienced under Michael Foot; the party lost more seats than in any election since 1931, and several Ministers have been toppled. Chuckles has no mandate to remain at 10 Downing Street, yet he refuses to budge. The game, apparently, isn't yet up. He seems to feel he's entitled to remain Prime Minister whatever the result. Sociopath or mere narcisist? You decide.

Desperate to cling to power, yesterday Chuckles made overtures to Nick Clegg, citing sudden common ground with the Lib Dems in a hasty punt at some form of coalition deal. We learned that for almost a day now, Chuckles has been a committed 'progressive', even to the point of embracing electoral reform. Yet he must know that many, many people would never forgive the Lib Dems should Clegg agree to shore him up.

And what of the Lib Dems' election experience? The bubble burst; fewer seats were won than at the previous election. Yet where Brown acts with disgraceful egotism, despite his disappointment Clegg has integrity and decisiveness. Yesterday, because the Tories had the most votes and seats, he said it was up to them to prove they are capable of seeking to govern in the national interest.

Within minutes of each other yesterday, Chuckles and Pillsbury addressed the nation. Their pitches to Clegg, in his role as Warwick, were poles apart. Chuckles: worn-down, grim, implausable. Pillsbury: energised, fervent, optimistic.
Now, Pillsbury and Clegg are talking; most people hope they'll reach agreement.

Meanwhile Gordon Brown's self-interest is affecting the performance of the markets as well as sterling exchange rates. And in the Labour wings wait glove-puppet Glenn and and his master Rasputin, with their big knives. Get out of the way Chuckles, and quickly.

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