Friday, 2 July 2010

Andy Is Saying Goodbye

You just can't warm to him. Tennis player Andy Murray is dour, unstylish, laconically reluctant to give interviews. And like Tim Henman before him, he flatters to deceive. Though apparently the nation gets behind him for every Wimbledon championship, Murray never delivers. His latest defeat, straight sets to personable champion Rafael Nadal. Murray is condemned to remain forever Scottish.

If he'd beaten Nadal, in the final he'd have faced Tomas Berdych. The huge Czech came through in four sets against Roger Federer. Berdych, who earlier this year defeated Murray in three sets at the French Open, said it was the ‘toughest game’ of his career.

But whereas Murray is po-faced, always on the verge of irritation, Berdych seems sunny, cheerful, off-court a gentle giant. Even if Murray had reached the final I'd have been behind Berdych, because he's pleasant. I'm experiencing similar feelings watching the World Cup matches. Take the ANZ representation. New Zealand were gutsy, have-a-go heroes you could support, whereas Australia? Loud, complaining, boorish and doubtless sponsored by the worst alcoholic drink in the world.

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