Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Red Arrows

Earlier today I was beavering away at London Acres, drafting a feature. Every so often I heard aircraft overhead, which I like; maybe the search and rescue Sea King from Culdrose, the Trinity House helicopter, Cornwall's Air Ambulance. Occasionally too, the whistle of an Adour turbojet; a Hawk from FRADU. But suddenly I was enveloped by a huge roar, quite beyond the familiar background sounds. As part of the Fal River Festival, the Red Arrows have come to town.

I joined some neighbours with a glass of wine, and we watched the display over the river. As ever, marvellous aerobatics, stomach-churning close passes, evil pilots fading out of proceedings, then appearing from nowhere to startle the crowds below.

Not a bad view from the back door.

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