Saturday, 11 December 2010

Police Go Clubbing

During the recent student protest at Westminster Abbey, undergraduate Alfie Meadows was allegedly hit by a truncheon-wielding police officer. He later underwent a three-hour operation to save his life. All told, over fifty people were injured during the demonstration.

Alfie, who's now on the mend, is studying philosophy. Here he is, to our left. Doesn't look like a weapon-carrier, or a man with a naughty dog, does he? More a committed person who feels strongly enough to go on the streets; in doing so, incidentally, he puts to shame today's internet keyboard-warrior brigade.

The rights and wrongs of student finances aren't for this blog, more the behaviour of the boys in blue. Among the students at the demonstration were professional agitators, there to damage property and assault the police. But the police weren't able to weed them out, or marshal the crowds without using violence against legitimate protesters.

This isn't the first time riot squad tactics have come into question. During the G20 demonstration in April 2009 the police managed to find the one innocent bystander not involved, and kill him.

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