Friday, 27 May 2011

Super Injunction: Football Cheat Named

Microblogging service Twitter has bravely named the legendary soccer star who's sought to keep his extra-marital affair from the public eye through a super injunction issued by the High Court.

In a shock to football supporters across Cornwall, Camborne Athletic's 48-year-old midfield general Rutter Penberthy has been accused of a fling with teenage Ukrainian actress and agricultural worker Tatiana Legova, who lives in the nearby village of Praze-An-Beeble.

Penberthy has denied any wrong-doing. In a statement, his lawyer said: "Rutter is a strong family man in the Camborne tradition, which is how he met his wife. He absolutely denies sleeping with Ms Legova, though they are acquainted through a mutual interest in Scrabble."

High-profile Penberthy has made over 9,000 appearances for Athletic, and is coming to the end of his career. A friend said: "Rutter's always conducted himself well, on and off the field - his record in Mid-Cornwall's Division XVI speaks volumes. Everyone associated with the club hopes this episode doesn't darken his name. But if he has shagged her, fair play to him."

Ms Legova, who's now set to start a modelling career with top fashion retailer Peacocks, giggled infectiously when asked if she's the subject of a gagging order.

Penberthy can't be named for legal reasons.

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