Tuesday, 9 August 2011

World's Worst Food

In our busy world, sometimes we find ourselves skimping on food or taking the easy option. Instead of a full wholesome meal just a sandwich; a gnaw of the pork pie living at the back of the fridge; maybe a quick salad, with instant cous-cous if you can brave the packet's image of Ainsley Harriot and his mad bulging eyes.

Some food though, marketed on the ticket of convenience or speed of preparation, is just too awful to bear; 'Frankenfood', produced from bubbling chemicals in sweaty industrial cauldrons. Opinions vary as to the worst but turkey twizzlers, microwavable snack products and chicken nuggets come to mind. Or perhaps Asda's Smart Price Chilli Con Carne, a dish so lacking in taste or form that it deserves a special mention.

But pictured below we have the undisputed champion, the king of disgusting foods. I give you (drum-roll) ... the bizarre Jimmy Dean Pancake and Sausage on a Stick, with Chocolate Chips. If anyone can beat that for sheer jaw-dropping repugnance I'd be interested to hear. Wasn't there a Jimmy Dean who died horribly of something?

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