Monday, 11 November 2013

Cornwall In The First World War

My new book, 'Cornwall In The First World War', is published by Truran. With 112 pages and 100 images, you'll find it in bookshops across the Duchy; here's part of a batch at Waterstones' Truro branch. It's also available through Amazon: 

The First World War affected every town and village in Cornwall; no-one stayed untouched. At the outbreak in August 1914 thousands joined the colours, while the Duchy soon became a vital part of Britain’s all-consuming war effort. Ships of the Royal Navy, aircraft, even airships arrived to defend the sea lanes off Cornwall’s coastline, in a brutal campaign against marauding German submarines. On the home front, for four gruelling years Cornish men and women worked tirelessly to support those fighting in distant battles overseas.

The centenary of the First World War represents a unique moment.  As well as the military events, the book focuses on the people of that time; it's a glimpse of Cornish life a hundred years ago. I hope it will appeal to everyone interested in Cornwall's past. 

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