Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Charades

This Christmas, why not enjoy some traditional festive games of charades:
  • ‘Putting Up With Relatives I Detest’ charade
  • ‘Enduring Old People’ charade
  • ‘Believing in Jesus’ charade
  • ‘It’ll Be Worth It To See The Children’s Faces’ charade
  • ‘The Year’s Most Enjoyable Meal’ charade
  • ‘Visiting Loathsome Neighbours’ charade
Have a jolly and peaceful Yuletide; may your accompanying long-term debt crisis not break your spirits entirely.

1 comment:

Eye Me said...

I don't think people realize celebrating Christmas is an option.

However, retailers do tend to shove it down our throats. I do dislike Christmas music greatly, with a FEW exceptions.

Happy Holidays to you sir!