Thursday, 4 September 2014

Cornwall in the First World War

During this month, each weekday I'm posting a photograph showing Cornwall's First World War.

Here, we're actually at the Isles of Scilly, on Tresco. It's summer 1917; the Royal Naval Air Station built for anti-submarine patrols is receiving its new aircraft hangar. Men from the RNAS Air Construction Section have arrived, and in the background is a Curtiss H.12 flying-boat used by the service to hunt German submarines. 

The hangar was painstakingly transported across the water as a huge kit of parts. Tresco's flying-boats gave good service but after the war, in the summer of 1919 the station closed. 

Today the place is largely made over to a leisure complex, but you can still spot signs of the old base: the slipway, rails down which the flying-boats were launched, a few hut bases. The former ammunition store has been converted to three peaceful holiday cottages.

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