Friday, 10 October 2014

Cornwall in the First World War

During this month, each weekday I'm posting a photograph showing Cornwall's First World War.

This is Coastal Star Class airship C*6 of the Royal Naval Air Service. She's leaving Mullion's airship base for a convoy protection patrol over the Channel, to guard against attacks by German submarines. 

C* airships featured an open crew gondola skinned with plywood, and mounting an engine at each end. The envelope of most Coastal Stars was nearly 220 feet long; a rare indulgence too at that time, the five crewmen were allowed parachutes. Though the C* was a successful design, the war’s end meant only ten were built. 

Over the summer and autumn of 1918 two C* airships were based in Cornwall. C*6 arrived at Mullion on 29 May and stayed until 20 August, when it travelled up-country for major repairs. Mid-October saw a return; it was finally dismantled during March 1919, having flown a total of 522 hours.  C*10 served at Mullion, Bude, and latterly Toller mooring-out station in Dorset where eventually in October 1919 it too was decommissioned. 

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