Friday, 7 November 2014

Cornwall in the First World War

During this month, each weekday I'm posting images showing different aspects of Cornwall's First World War.

In February 1915 the Royal Navy arrived at Penzance. Mount’s Bay had long been a favourite anchorage for passing British fleets, and a base was needed away from congested Falmouth. Also, as Germany's U-boats broadened their searches, the western outpost allowed a greater patrol area by the Navy’s shore-based vessels.      

At the heart of Penzance harbour-front, N Holman & Sons’ dry dock was requisitioned. Over the company's offices a White Ensign was raised, the new base run by Lieutenant Commander David Blair, RNR.

Here, it's 1918; the Navy's Motor Launch ML351 is arriving for maintenance at Holman’s dock. Inside the dock gates divers are in the water, while workers watch proceedings from beyond.

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