Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Cornwall in the First World War

During this month, each weekday I'm posting a different image showing aspects of Cornwall's First World War.

In 1921 eight surrendered U-boats from Germany's First World War fleet appeared at Falmouth, brought by the Royal Navy for trials. Six moored at Gyllyngvase, but during a winter storm five were driven onto the Pendennis rocks. Abandoned, they became something of a tourist hit. 

The submarines stayed until the Second World War, when they were partly dismantled during Britain’s push for scrap-metal. The photo shows two men from Falmouth docks surveying one of the vessels just prior to the exercise, its conning tower slanting up and to the right. Today the bare bones of the U-boats are still there. 

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Hi Pete, if you are interested, I have some updated information regarding these U-Boats. Cheers, Mark.