Saturday, 31 October 2009

Oh No! BLP In Disarray

Nick 'Camel-Toe' Griffin could face a challenge as leader of the British Lunatic Party, following his recent performance on the BBC's Question Time. Critics within his 'party' say he fluffed the chance to make the case for nationalism to the British people, and are set to hold a meeting in a plot to topple him. "We're determined to get rid of him," a BLP member grunted from a pub skittle alley in Burnley.

The location and timing of the gathering are being kept secret because of fears that Camel-Toe could seek to have members who attend expelled. But apparently it's being organised by people linked to the so-called Reform Group of the BLP. They are said to support a new governing structure for the 'party', a committee, possibly chaired by loathsome former skinhead Chris 'Jack-Off' Jackson.

A number of BLP members have posted (anonymous) damning comments on fascist websites. One dribbled: "A lot of people will still not know what nationalism is about. From that point of view he fluffed it." Nearly a third of a hundred lunatics surveyed on a certain white extremist website, called on 'Mr Griffin' to stand down after his BBC performance.

Under the terms of its charter the BBC was obliged to give Camel-Toe a slot (as it were) on Question Time. Who could have forseen any form of positive outcome from the broadcast? But subsequently we witness crumbling, disarray, in-fighting among the BLP leadership. Go on: press the red button.

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