Sunday, 8 November 2009

Remembrance Sunday

Earlier today, a Remembrance Sunday service was held at Camp Bastion in the Afghan province of Helmand. 2,000 British servicemen and women gathered on a dusty, windblown patch of open ground at the camp in Afghanistan to join in prayer, lay wreaths and remember fellow soldiers who died serving their country. Today too, it was announced two more British servicemen have been killed.

One padre spoke of the dangers of glamorising war and another urged leaders of nations to shape a better world through 'wisdom, humility and a common love for peace.
' He continued: 'For many young people, until recently Remembrance Sunday was all about what granddad did. It's now about what young people are doing today and so it's very poignant.'

Meanwhile in Britain, sales of poppies have reached tens of millions. From huge memorial services and displays to individual buttonholes, the country has come forward to support war's wounded and bereaved, and embraced more than ever the cause of the Royal British Legion. The poppy factory at Richmond has supplied over 36 million of the paper and plastic flowers. A two-minute silence will be held at 11.00 am to pay tribute to the UK's war dead. This year it will be especially observed, as we remember, in particular, the fallen of Afganistan.

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