Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Oldham East By-Election: Lunatic Makes Film

The British Lunatic Party has recently made a short film to help get across its political message to voters. In the film, Britain fifty years ago is compared with the country today. Once, it appears, all children joined the scouts or danced round maypoles. Adults were industrious and worked cheerfully as teams in field or factory.

Today though, we learn racial tension, accompanied by crime and social disorder, pervades the nation and threatens every aspect of our lives. At this point, to the film are introduced images of Asian- and African-heritage British people. The film ends with an appeal for the BLP's version of reason, while 'Land of Hope and Glory' is played over images of lions.

The creator of this cinematic experience is the man who's standing in the forthcoming Oldham East By-Election as the BLP's parliamentary candidate. A man who embraces campaign slogans such as: "Come on Oldham, wake up and smell the coffee." This man is Derek Adams.

Yesterday, in a political stunt Adams managed to get himself thrown out of the Oldham hustings. He'd been invited to attend, though not to speak, but he took the platform anyway. It's alleged that during the proceedings he called the Conservative candidate, Mr Kashif Ali, a "fat paki". After he refused to leave the stage Adams was ejected by the police, an event subsequently described by the BLP as "an indictment on democracy in Britain".

There are ten candidates for the Oldham East constituency. The BLP's policies are insane, the party a repository for racist nut-jobs and bloody nasty people. Voters, send a united message: make sure Adams comes last.

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