Sunday, 27 March 2011

Down With This Sort Of Thing!

After the inevitable violence during London's anti-cuts protest on Saturday, some left-wingers are drawing comparisons between recent events witnessed by Cairo and the ructions in the British capital. You can walk through these people's deepest thinking without getting your feet wet. Egyptians fought a vicious, violent revolution for the most basic of human rights, long withheld by a deeply oppressive regime. They weren't patsying around over a few changes to pension plans.

During the protest, £15,000-worth of damage was caused at Fortnum and Masons. A loose body of people named UK Uncut coyly admitted responsibility; what did you do dears, knock over a jar of olives? If you're serious about being freedom fighters, you'll find plenty of olives in the Middle East.

The rampaging, fire-lit mob was televised world-wide, hardly a glowing advert for London just prior to the 2012 Olympics. Camera-wielding do-gooders constantly monitored the police, preventing them from performing their duty of protecting private property. Next time perhaps the boys in blue will stand back, let the rioters go completely bonkers and then ride the wave of backlash.

According to Boris Johnson, by the by, Miliband Minor would approve of such a laissez-faire policing strategy. BoJo wrote in the Telegraph: "The sad thing is that in spite of their crocodile tears, Balls and Miliband will feel quietly satisfied by the disorder - a token, they will tell themselves, of the public feeling that is to there to exploit." Though he's right, of course, Labour's now assumed a stance of unctuous outrage at this accusation of civic irresponsibility.

Meanwhile, though he didn't join the march Glenn addressed the protesters. But the funny little fellow attracted criticism for his wild rhetoric in claiming the crowd had marched "in the tradition of the suffragettes, the US civil rights movement and the anti-apartheid movement." Miliband's idea of capitalising, perhaps.

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