Thursday, 31 March 2011

Libya: The Master Plan

Gaddafi can’t win, because allied airpower keeps his forces bottled up. The rebels can’t win because they’re without leadership, have no communications and are militarily incompetent. The situation in Libya is stalemate, which is in no-one's interest. To help the rebels it's been suggested the allies provide them with arms.

"Right lads, here's some guns. Now, we don't want a repeat of the Afghan fuck-up, lots of Yank-armed Fedayeen potting at Ivan until they turned into the Taliban. So before we dole out this stuff, it's for defensive purposes only, promise? Otherwise we're in the shit. And when matey's gone, we'll be back to collect it all up and take it away. Now, just sign here, here, and here."

Another brilliant masterplan. As an exit strategy from Libya becomes daily more elusive, I shake my head at Cameron's utter stupidity in embroiling Britain. Do we learn nothing, not a single miserable crumb from the past?

I also see the UN has appointed as its overall commander of allied military operations, US Admiral Samuel Locklear. Bewildering when many believe Libya consists almost entirely of desert.

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Eric Paul Dennis, MSE said...

I feel pretty much the same way over hear in the States. What a clusterf#@k. Of course, if I were a world leader, I would probably not want a genocide to take place on my watch, either, so I have to admit that even though I'm not happy about the situation, I can't say for sure I would have done any different.