Monday, 21 November 2011

Spot The Difference (7): Catherine Southon vs Margaret Thatcher

Being self-employed, I do no real work at all. Lunchtime begins around noon as the TV goes on for BBC's Bargain Hunt. Each armed with £300, two teams of amateur collectors visit an antiques fair to acquire the best buys they can, which are later auctioned; who'll make the most lolly? Presented by hilarious eccentric Tim Wannacock, it's a surefire winner before my changeover to ITV3 for the rest of the afternoon.

Today, I noticed a startling similarity between Wannacock's pretty co-presenter
and a much-loved British political figure from the past.

(1) Adored control-freak Margaret Thatcher, who presided over Britain's happiest days of the twentieth century and possibly, ever.

(2) Cool and yummy antiques babe
Catherine Southon. Sorry Margaret, curvy Cath would get my vote every time!


norfbert said...

Your information is a bit awry. Tim spells his name WANNACOTT not WANNACOCK.

Anonymous said...

Oh good god the poster above me clearly doesn't get a joke, I suppose you think the person who wrote the article genuinely thinks the pictures are captioned the right way around too?