Tuesday, 31 January 2012

David Cameron: Another Success!

Last year David Cameron visited India, with the aim of strengthening relations and creating jobs in the UK. The Prime Minister led what Downing Street described at the time as the largest UK trade delegation in living memory. Mr Cameron said he wanted Britain to be the "partner of choice" for India.

Yesterday, the Indian government announced the winner of the international competition to supply its air force with new jet fighters. It's one of the world's biggest ever defence deals, a staggering colossus, over its lifetime worth more than 7 billion pounds.

And the winner is ... (wrestles with envelope) ... er ... (attempts drum-roll - drops sticks) ... France.

The French Rafale jet's scooped the down-select. No doubt during the coming final price discussions India's negotiators will keep the poor old British Eurofighter bid in the picture, just to concentrate French minds.
But that's it.

Well done Pillsbury!

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