Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Cornwall Council: Collin Brewer Must Be Sacked

It's emerged Cornwall Councillor Collin Brewer has told a Cornish charity for disabled people that "disabled children cost the Council too much money and should be put down." This isn’t an exaggeration of what was said: it’s a direct quote. Mr Brewer shared his views during an event at County Hall intended to raise the profile of disabled groups in the Duchy.
Not surprisingly the charity, Hayle-based Disabled Cornwall, complained about Brewer’s appalling comment and the authority's Standards Committee has now reported its findings. Brewer was ordered to make a formal written apology; his letter of contrition to the charity says: "While I meant no offence by my remarks to you I can see, in retrospect, that they were ill-judged.” He’s refused to resign from the Council.

Brewer claimed in his defence that prior to his outburst he’d had a difficult morning’s council meetings, and said he’d been trying to "provoke a reaction and debate the issue of service costs provision." In other words he hasn’t provided a whole-hearted apology, more a form of sorry-lite accompanied by a haughty attempt at self-justification. "We all make mistakes," Brewer added.

It’s hard to imagine a more repugnant, loathsome act than attacking disabled children. Mr Brewer’s wish to incite a reaction has succeeded beyond his wildest dreams, as the media storm around him grows ever more furious. How can such a person continue to represent his community? Brewer shouldn’t have to resign from his Wadebridge seat; Cornwall Council must sack him, without a backward glance.

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