Saturday, 28 September 2013

Jeremy Kyle: TV To Be Ashamed Of

Recently, a guest on TV's Jeremy Kyle Show hit the presenter in the head with a heavy envelope containing DNA test results proving he was the father of his girlfriend's baby. Hurled with great force, the envelope's edge caught Kyle around the ear. 

Clearly shaken, our host turned to confront his guest who threatened to "knock him out." Two of the show's bouncers stepped in to calm the situation before it escalated. 

The man, named only as Kev, and his girlfriend Elana appeared on an episode titled, 'Will our relationship survive two lie-detector tests and a DNA test.' Not included were tests such as general knowledge. 

To find people suitable for his programme, Kyle drives to run-down areas in an ice-cream van full of crack. He parks outside Pound Shops and Cash Converters, handing out drugs, cheap cider and tickets for the show. 

It’s two weeks later. On one side of the TV studio are several fat ugly people, all related and all sleeping with each other; on the other a baying, prurient audience. Kyle stands between them taking the piss and generally, no-one gets it. But sometimes it can be a risky business for the pint-sized personality, which is why the bodyguards are there. That, and the added buzz if they have to step in. 

The whole point of the Jeremy Kyle Show is to present a morbid procession of freakish people who are in some kind of turmoil. The programme titillates viewers who enjoy watching a human form of bear-baiting, inexplicably billed as entertainment. Really, even ITV should be ashamed.

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