Friday, 29 August 2014

Cornwall in the First World War

During this month, each weekday I'm posting a photograph showing Cornwall's First World War.

Here, it's the summer of 1918. A convoy of merchant vessels sailing for Falmouth passes the Lizard. High above, on watch for prowling German U-boats, is a Submarine Scout Zero Class airship from Royal Naval Air Station Mullion.

Ten SSZs flew from Mullion at different times; the first arrived in July 1917. The SSZ was powered by a 75 hp Rolls-Royce Hawk engine and carried either two 110 lb bombs or a single 250-pdr.  Below the gas-bag, three crewmen sat in the small gondola: a wireless/telegraphy operator, who also manned the nose machine-gun; the pilot in the central position; and aft, by his engine, the air mechanic.

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