Thursday, 22 April 2010

Leader's Wives

The wives of Britain's political leaders, who once shunned publicity, are being thrust into the spotlight as their husbands' parties try new ways to win over voters.

In the past, I've always known which party to vote for, but this time I have no idea what to do.

Sarah Brown is pleasant, committed to her husband, and does a lot of good work for charity. She's credited with showing Chuckles' human side when she introduced him at last year's Labour Party conference as "my husband, my hero." Sarah now has more than one million followers on Twitter, which is around six times the membership of the Labour Party.

But then I saw Samantha Cameron interviewed, being normal in a glamorous, I'm-on-camera kind of way. Appealing, positively fragrant, well worth voting for. I have also seen a photo of her in a swimsuit, licking an ice-cream.

On the other hand, Miriam Clegg is foxy. Like most people she has no interest in her husband's politics, but pursues her own career as a top lawyer. Of course, she can't actually vote for Nick; not supportive, but foreign and exciting.

So I have no idea who to vote for. I think I might go Lib Dem this time, but perhaps I need to check out the UKIP leader's wife.

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