Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Cider Duty Dropped: Cornwall Celebrates

The proposed 10% rise in duty on a pint of cider has been dropped by the government, after fierce opposition from makers and drinkers alike. The duty increase was squeezed out as the government pushes through legislation before Parliament is dissolved on 12 April, ahead of the election. However, Labour said the increase will be reinstated if it gets back into power. Open perhaps, but not very bright.

All over Cornwall, in every town, village and hamlet, alcoholic yokels and tramps are vowing not to vote for Labour. It's widely felt the party most likely to beneft from the huge backlash will be the region's raffish Liberal Democrats.
Charles Kennedy is taking a personal interest.

The cider tax was one of the few points of note in Chancellor Alistair Darling’s recent budget and sparked an immediate furore. Darling said the duty was raised because historically cider had been treated more leniently than other types of alcoholic drinks. And not because, like taxes on beer, cigarettes and fuel, it's an easy revenue stream for his profligate government to increase.

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