Monday, 5 April 2010

Oh Dear: Further Disarray For BLP

It's been reported the British Lunatic Party has sacked its publicity chief, after he was arrested on suspicion of threatening to kill leader Nick 'Camel-Toe' Griffin.

Party bosses also accused Mark Collett, who as a student appeared in a documentary called 'Young, Nazi and Proud', of conspiring to launch what they described as a 'palace coup' against Camel-Toe. And what palace might that be? The BLP operates out of a Rochdale pub skittle-alley.

Collet's sacking is regrettable in the sense that his replacement, whoever it turns out to be, simply couldn't make a worse mess of the BLP's publicity 'literature'. The material doesn't merely reflect their mad policies, but is littered with truly appalling illiteracy which makes the 'party' look even more ridiculous. An ape could do a better job.

There are also rumours of grave financial irregularities within the BLP, while Camel-Toe is said to have made a statement to the police after 'serious allegations' affecting his 'personal safety' came to light. One more threat to add to the enormous heap, presumably. How unfortunate that all this should occur just before the General Election.

And where will 'Mr Griffin' be seeking election? Barking. You couldn't write it.

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