Thursday, 21 April 2011

Falmouth Packet: Royal Gaffe

Many thanks to my local Cornish 'newspaper', the Falmouth Packet, for the typo on the left.

I've never liked the Packet, which has a tendency to run thoughtless headlines in the style of 'Lucky Man Sees Friends Die'. Its scruffy journalese repeatedly aims at hype and sensationalism but the problem is, the Packet's based in a rural location where not a great deal happens. Worse, it has the nasty habit of reporting bad news in a Victorian manner, creating
doleful, ghoulish melodramas from events deserving sensitivity.

Of the royal family, Sophie strikes me as a bit 'better' than most. At least she has a job. Such carelessness by the Packet, and at this special time for the royals too ...

Doubtless there'll be an apology printed, but how will it be phrased? "We meant Prince Phillip", probably.

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