Sunday, 17 April 2011

Royal Wedding "Quite Good"

Recently we learned W an' K’s honeymoon will last just two weeks, so that Prince William can return to his Royal Air Force duties. The break, rumoured to be in either Kenya, the Seychelles or the Scilly Isles, will be rather shorter than his parents' honeymoon which continued for three months. About as long as their marriage.

The Prince currently co-pilots a search-and-rescue helicopter with the RAF's No.22 Squadron, based on the island of Anglesey. He qualified last September and will serve with the unit until 2013, unless it's axed. Up until the wedding he'll continue to work, as he's only allowed limited time off under his duty rota.

William's invited the entire squadron to the wedding. His boss, Squadron Leader Iain Wright, was surprised by the invitation but reportedly has said he expects the occasion to be "quite good." Meanwhile, residents of Anglesey have been warned to stay ashore on Friday week, and a planned ferry-boat wedding party on the Menai Straits has been cancelled.

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