Saturday, 11 June 2011

Arise Sir Brucie: The World Cheers!

After years of grovelling, Bruce Forsyth's finally received a knighthood in the Queen's Birthday Honours. Recognition for the 83-year old comes after a campaign by fans and even more inexplicably, a parliamentary Early Day Motion signed by 73 MPs.

Forsyth became known in the 1950s as compere of the London Palladium Show, where he aired his modest singing, dancing and comedic talents. Later Brucie successes included a string of idiotic TV game-shows and this century Come Dancing, a chance for his mottled hands to touch young girls.

On being read the news by his seventh wife and former television co-host Destiny (23), toupee-toting Forsyth said: "I feel very proud that my career hasn't been in vain." Gosh, imagine all those years living on a knife-edge.

Think of some truly great entertainers: Spike Milligan, Eric Morecambe, Ronnie Barker. None received knighthoods, but since Brucie's is merely a reflection of today's insubstantial celebrity awards we mustn't be too annoyed.
Coming soon: arise Sir Jamie, honoured for his campaigns to improve school meals.

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