Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Pippa Middleton: A Star Is Born

Pippa Middleton's apparently been offered a five-figure sum to appear in ghastly TV programme Come Dancing. BBC bosses have invited the 27-year-old socialite to join the show as a contestant. Ms Middleton shot to fame in April, when she was chief bridesmaid for big sister Kate at her wedding to Prince William.

Today's Sun 'newspaper' reported: "Since the wedding Pippa's become at least as famous as Kate. If not more, thanks to her five-star arse! Phwoar! It would be a huge coup for the BBC to get her, and give the show real 'global' appeal!"

A close friend named only as 'Brucie' said Pippa's seriously considering the offer. "She's a bit overwhelmed by all the attention, and thinking about her next move very carefully. But she loves Come Dancing, it's her favourite programme ever, and if she was sure her appearance would be handled tastefully she'd be keen to slip into sequins. Or anything, really. Of course, she's conscious that one day her sister will be Queen so she's determined not to do anything tacky or embarrassing, especially if it's just for loads of money and a toffee-nosed laugh."

Quite a dilemma. But it's good to learn that just like Mrs Wayne Rooney, Pippa Middleton's keen not to capitalise on someone else's position merely because, in these mad days of 'celebrity' obsession, she can.

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