Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Take Me! Take Me!

Beautifulpeople.com, the Danish dating website "for beautiful men and women", has culled thirty thousand members claiming they're "ugly." According to the Guardian, recently the site was the victim of a cyber-attack on the software used to verify applicants' beauty; this allowed an influx of unscreened new members and eroded beautifulpeople's high aesthetic standards. The unwanted uglys have since been removed, causing widespread heart-break; the site's set up a counseling helpline "to ease the pain of rejection."

"The website works on a system under which members are able to rank applicants on a beauty scale. The decision to reject thirty thousand people cost the company more than $100,000 in refunds and we've had to send regretful emails to the dumpees," explained Greg Hodge, a beautifulpeople representative.

This isn't the first time the website has stirred up its membership. In January it asked five thousand users to reapply after they posted pictures of themselves looking chubbier than usual following the festive season. Earlier this year it sparked controversy in Ireland, by declaring that Irish men were among the world's ugliest.

Rejected applicants seeking solace could apply instead to similar sites: narcissist.com, toomuchtimeonmyhands.com or eugenics4me.com. You'd be sure to meet interesting folk.

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